Creative Composing

Creative Composing.

By composing preexisting pictures with custom crafted pictures that we create in studio, we can create whatever you can imagine. We can start from scratch, or we can turn any stock shot into uniquely targeted, on-brand, advertising gold. Simply by showing us a preexisting image, our photographer can dissect and reverse engineer the lighting, perspective, and effect to create new images that are added seamlessly to the original. Show us a reference. Draw us a sketch on a napkin.  We’ll devise a plan to turn it into polished artwork. We are thinking about the big picture and how to achieve it most elegantly from start to finish. We are focused on the end product at every step of the process, from the moment the photons are released from the strobe, to the moment the ink hits paper on press. We believe in hiring artists that transcend traditional roles to master at least 2 digital disciplines.  Therefore, our photographer is not only skilled at creating beautifully light studio shots, but is also a master retoucher with detailed knowledge of the production process. We know exactly what to focus on when capturing an image to be composited, and exactly what not to spend extra time on.  With this knowledge we are in a unique position to not only to deliver creative high-end imagery, but to do so seamlessly, on time, and on budget.