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Take your content to the next level with DMAX Imaging.

We are a full service multidisciplinary imaging firm with years of experience in the business. We specialize in all competencies of pre-media. At DMAX we help you build it all. We are retouchers, cgi artists, animators, compositors, photographers, and artists to our core. Our clients always come first, and we strive every day to be bigger and better. We are not tied to convention. We are driven by the creative minds of our team of artists. DMAX Imaging is here to make your ideas a reality.



Our client’s happiness is paramount to the work we do. Utilize our retouchers, cgi artists, compositors, photographers, and creative minds to further your vision. We have the tools to make you stand out against the crowd.



  • CGI & Animation

  • Retouching & Compositing

  • Photography

  • Storyboarding

  • Assembly

  • Proofing

  • Packaging

  • Digital Asset Management

  • On Site Management


Stand Out

We are not your average imaging firm. At DMAX’s core is a group of visionaries from different creative backgrounds and disciplines. We are not just operators; we are artists that are committed to our clients and their visions. We care about your work and have the tools and years of experience to execute your ideas. We can take you from concept to reality.   


Our Story

Something extraordinary happens when people take their passions for their work and combine them with a drive to invent something new and wholly unseen in their industry. Such was the case with the creation of DMAX Imaging.

What started as a simple idea between friends almost two decades ago has grown into something much more. Dave Baca and Dennis Schultz began with the knowledge that they wanted to offer more than their predecessors. The industry was changing rapidly, and they wanted to be at the forefront of the new age of advertising. It is this spirit they continue to cultivate at DMAX Imaging and is the reason we always strive to grow and expand in this ever-changing market.



Your privacy is important to us. Our clientele require high levels of security for their projects. For this reason, our company employs specific practices throughout our workspace. This includes security cameras, a lockdown studio, lockdown rooms, safes, and individual key cards for building entry. As an extra layer of security, our NDAs are also beyond the scope of ones offered by other vendors. We understand what it takes to keep everything under wraps and work with you to ensure that everything stays completely classified.


Our Offices


1370 Harrison ST
San Francisco, CA 94103


20045 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Suite 1F
Cupertino, CA 95014


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