CGI & Animation

Photography and retouching is not always enough to execute your vision. We use CGI and Animation to create new assets and extend the reach of existing ones. This allows us to execute products from all angles for multi-competency use, generate photo realist images or CGI animation sequences, and build everything where there was nothing. By utilizing 3D animation and modeling, motion graphics, and VFX supervision, there is no limit to what we can create.      

Retouching & Compositing

Image processing and manipulation are important parts of creating the best imagery possible for your projects. We take your photos from their camera RAW or Capture One format and process them for optimum results. We composite and retouch images as needed per client to achieve beautiful imagery. We can compose multiple images into one composition and match the color and lighting to create a seamless, realistic result. Using our tools and artistic talent, we can create the images you need to make your projects stand out.


Capturing stunning imagery is one of our specialties, and we use our in-house photographer to achieve what you need. We have a sectioned studio space that is secured for your confidentiality needs. We shoot products, lifestyle, and executive portraits and can execute 360 degree capture and stop motion projects. Our photographers offer more than the standard studio. We set up and organize shoots, manage assets, focus bracket, and provide styling, and bring a unique creative eye. Everything stays in house, so your project can go from conception to finish in one convenient place.


An essential part of any new project is storyboarding. As part our CGI and animation process, we can create fully fleshed storyboards. We will bring your ideas into a visual space and give them a tangible aspect. We will work with you to make sure every aspect matches your vision. These storyboards then become the foundation of the project we are building for you.


As a full service agency, we use existing mechanicals, or build new ones to your specifications, to optimize the way a project is taken from start to finish. We communicate to individual vendors to prepare your files for distribution to multiple markets. We assemble and prepare projects for print and digital media, adjust files for type readability, and adjust for bleed as needed. Our aim is always providing all the tools needed for a project to succeed.


In an industry that still demands and thrives on print, we continue to provide proofing to better serve the needs of our clients. We adhere to industry standards in proofing calibration and output. Our team prepares files for client color approval and to ensure proper color and specifications for all vendors. In addition, our high end clients require top level calibration and our proofing machines are ready to spot check color at any moment.


The way a product is presented is an important part of distribution and brand recognition. We work across multiple disciplines to assemble packaging to your specifications. We take materials, sizes, foreign markets, and other important variables into consideration when we build for your projects. We use our expertise in packaging to work as liaisons between clients and multiple vendors to ensure all aspects meet specifications and are consistent throughout. We use our knowledge base to provide you with the ideal packaging to showcase your product.

Digital Asset Management

To help you streamline your projects,  we have the workflow to manage your image assets and file assets from the start. Our asset management offers complete customization, functionality, and security. From transferring and renaming, to proofing and archiving, we can handle it all. We keep your images organized and safe, so they are always ready when you need them.